Plastic Injection Moulding

We form polymer granulates to the shape of art.

Part Manufacturing

2g to 1500g, small to large quantities


Rapid Prototyping

Part analysis and manufacturing to modern rapid prototyping standards

Mould Design & Tool Making

All manufacturing done in-house

Insert & Over Moulding

Supporting variety of parts with mixed material components

Part Design & Analysis

Consultancy and part analysis solutions for required polymer parts

Assembly, Packaging & Logistics

Providing complete solutions from the ground up to support you as you grow

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No Injection Too Big Or Too Small

At Shiraz Plastics we do all kinds of project, big or small. We’ll work with you to develop the right approach for your plastic product or component. With over 40 years’ experience in the Plastic Injection Moulding (PIM) industry, we established Shiraz Plastics in 2018 to deliver a new, disruptive approach to plastics design and manufacture.

We’ll apply our extensive expertise to make the best products possible. We’ll work tirelessly to meet the fastest possible turnaround times. If you need an emergency component designed, made and shipped then you can rely on the Shiraz Plastics team.

Plastic injection moulding can be complicated but that’s what we do. We’ll work alongside you to develop your ideas to the highest standard, meeting all your requirements and innovating as required to make your project the very best it can be.

Years Established

Completed Projects

Latest Projects

Conveyor Retaining Latch

Three plastic injection moulding companies failed to deliver this project until the client contacted the Shiraz Team. Using our wealth of experience, we realised what the other companies had done incorrectly and consulted with the client to tweak the piece to make it fit for purpose. From there, we quickly developed a unique solution that solved the client’s issue perfectly.

Rectangular Plastic Container And Lid

Two North West wholesalers approached us to create a partnership making the best reusable takeaway containers on the market. We set about creating a technically perfect vessel that exceeds waterproof testing and food safety certifications. All at a very competitive price. It has proved to be a very popular and durable product.

Takeaway Disposable Spork

This was our first foray into the food industry. We were asked to produce a large batch of plastic sporks. We worked with our client to design a tough and attractive product that met their specifications to the “t” and then exceeded their expectations re production costs and delivery timescales.

We’ve Been Operating For Over 10 Years

Having worked in the PIM industry for over 40 years the Shiraz team have developed a fresh, client-focussed approach. We are a unique business built on the foundations of high-quality products delivered in industry leading turnaround times. That’s why we can’t be bettered in both value and excellence.

We work with all kinds of industries to produce purpose-built plastic products. Our clients include food manufacturers, engineering, automotive, aerospace and retailers.

We’re always happy to work with product innovators and entrepreneurs to develop prototypes and new products and will work on a strictly confidential basis with you.

We are an ISO 9001 accredited firm and a Boeing approved supplier. Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Working with us you’ll see we always push the envelope for our technical know-how and ambition on behalf of our valued clients.

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Let’s Build Something Together

 We put a personal client manager in charge of each client to ensure you have someone to contact and fully understand and meet your needs directly.

Why Shiraz Plastic? What makes Shiraz an ideal choice as companies’ professional supplier?

As people who are involved in manufacturing final products instead of only part makers, we know the importance of smooth, uniform and lean production in companies as well as Quality in lean manufacturing system (Kaizen). With this attitude that the cost of achieving a good quality product is a fraction of indigent quality products expenses, Shiraz has been tried to be one of the reliable suppliers for upstream industries and companies.

What is quality? How do we know our product is perfect?
Quality is a degree of fit between customer expectations and their perception of the product or service we offer. However, this might never happen if primary misunderstanding happens between customer requirements and product’s specifications. This is why Shiraz is implementing a GAP model of quality to deliver a product with the least possible differences (gaps) with customer expectations.
What is TQM and QMS in Shiraz? Does ISO certification mean Shiraz have TQM?

Well, TQM (Total Quality Management) or QMS (Quality Management System) means a philosophy for managing shiraz centred on quality and customer satisfaction as a strategy for long-term success. Implementing all principles of TQM is a hard but achievable practice; however, a more in-depth understanding is needed. Shiraz knows its organisation well, and it does not want to make a utopia from itself in customers view yet achieving the quality standard in our view is zero defect scenario which is not achievable in practice.

What is Lean philosophy in Shiraz? Are you sure we don’t pay you much for the product/service we receive?

Lean philosophy means to recognise wastes in who process such as cycle time, cost and quality and using techniques to drive out them from the processes. All blocks of a lean system including increasing flexibly, Smooth production flow and continuous improvement plans are under daily inspections from project to project. So 100% sure, in shiraz value-adding activities are outweigh comparing to the waists. As a result what you pay for the service you receive from us is reasonably low. No need to say all requirements of upstream industries for lean manufacturing is accessible from shiraz by requests such as Kanban or small lot productions suits for pull systems.

Why does Shiraz produce products which might be harmful for the environment?

Plastic has been used for over 100 years as a primary material. There are no viable alternative resources that are as versatile as plastic. It underpins virtually every product on the planet.  

But that doesn’t mean we are irresponsible. We are as concerned about the environment as any other industry. That’s why we aim to be at the forefront of reducing plastic waste by sourcing and re-using recycled plastic wherever possible

Client Testimonials

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Senior Development Engineer, Proseal

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“Lorem ipsum dolor sit adipiscing elit. Nullam lectus consectetur eu sapien. Proin cursus, dolor a mollis risus dolor fermentum massa, a commodo elit dui sit amet tortor.” JOHN SMITH

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