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What We Do

Part Manufacturing

2g to 1500g, small to large quantities

Mould Design & Tool Making

All manufacturing done in-house

Part Design & Analysis

Consultancy and part analysis solutions for required polymer parts

About Us

The Shiraz Team Believe Anything is possible

We are a family business with over 40-years’ experience in the Plastics Injection Moulding industry. The Shiraz Plastics Team believe anything is possible. That’s how we deliver every client request no matter how, challenging, audacious or sophisticated the project. We make it our mission to dare greatly!


British Manufacturing

All our products are designed and manufactured at our Manchester factory. We believe manufacturing in Britain is essential to meet the demands of our clients. This is essential in a world where rapidly changing markets demand new products to be efficiently and innovatively designed and manufactured.

British manufacture does not mean more expensive. We believe using lean principles, an agile approach and clear communication saves money and makes UK manufacturing just as cost-effective as overseas suppliers.




Our Commitments 

  • To deliver right first time, every time
  • To work with trusted partners and collaborators who are equally committed to quality
  • To transfer our skills and knowledge to the next generation of plastics engineers
  • To be a profitable and sustainable business by offering exceptional value to delighted customers
  • To be proud of manufacturing innovative products here in the UK
  • Working in a responsible way that minimises environmental impacts



A Sustainable Approach

Plastic has been used for over 100 years as a primary material. There are no viable alternative resources that are as versatile as plastic. It underpins virtually every product on the planet.

But that doesn’t mean we are irresponsible. We are as concerned about the environment as any other industry. That’s why we aim to be at the forefront of reducing plastic waste by sourcing and re-using recycled plastic wherever possible.

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2 Linfield St, Clayton, Manchester M11 4RG


+44(0) 161 2306555