Overmoulding: The Comprehensive Guide

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Posted on 09/10/23

As a leading UK-based plastic injection moulding company, Shiraz Plastics proudly offers a comprehensive range of services, including overmoulding. In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of overmoulding, its process, and the advantages it brings to your manufacturing projects.

Understanding Overmoulding

Overmoulding is a specialized plastic injection moulding technique that fuses two distinct materials, resulting in a unified, robust, functional, and visually appealing product. While bearing similarities to other methods like insert moulding and two-shot moulding, overmoulding stands out with its distinct approach.

The Step-by-Step Overmoulding Process

The journey begins with crafting a substrate or foundational item from plastic. Upon its readiness, a separate resin is introduced either into, onto, or around this substrate. As the ensemble cools down, a chemical bond between the two resins forms, culminating in a seamless, enduring final product.

Why Opt for Overmoulding? Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effective: Overmoulding is a boon for budget-conscious projects, especially for limited production runs, as it amalgamates two processes.
  • Enhanced Durability: The materials employed in overmoulding boast longevity and exhibit heightened resistance against wear, abrasion, and impacts.
  • Visual Appeal: The myriad of resin colors available for overmoulding crafts visually striking products.
  • Superior Performance: Incorporating softer thermoplastics enhances the utility of tools by offering a gentler touch and augmented grip, minimizing hand strain.

Why Entrust Shiraz Plastics with Your Overmoulding Needs?

Boasting over three decades of prowess in plastic injection moulding and tool-making, Shiraz Plastics stands as your trusted partner in materialising your visions. Whether your quest is for overmoulding expertise or end-to-end project assistance, our seasoned team is at your beck and call.

Eager to explore more about our diverse services? Dive into our website or reach out to us at 0161 230 5666 or drop an email at [email protected].

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