Sustainable Plastic Packaging: Eco-Friendly Innovation

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Posted on 20/11/23

The face of growing environmental concerns and changes in consumer behaviour, the spotlight has been firmly placed on the role of plastics in global pollution. However, it’s not just the material itself, but how we use and dispose of it that counts. This blog post explores how Shiraz Plastic is navigating these challenges, particularly in light of the new UK plastic packaging tax, and our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. 

Plastic pollution is often cited as a major environmental issue. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that consumer behaviour is a significant contributor to this problem. The shift from plastics to alternatives like paper, without addressing consumption habits, could lead to further environmental degradation. This highlights the importance of responsible waste generation and management. 

Changing consumer behaviour patterns is a long-term goal, requiring time and sustained effort. In the meantime, effective waste management emerges as a viable short to medium-term solution. While using products made from sustainably sourced, non-synthetic materials is ideal, it’s not always practical. Hence, recycling, reusing, and reintegrating synthetic materials into the manufacturing cycle becomes a crucial strategy. 

The UK generates over 100 million tonnes of waste annually, and recycling is a key method to reduce this. Interestingly, while recycled materials are generally seen as a cost-effective option, this isn’t always the case in our industry. Some grades of chemically and mechanically recycled polymers are more expensive than their prime counterparts. However, there’s a growing preference among consumers and businesses for green options, even at a higher cost. Governments are also playing a role in encouraging this shift, with the UK implementing a plastic packaging tax on items containing less than 30% recycled plastic from 01 April 2022.  

In response to the new tax rules, incorporating up to 50% recycled plastic content in manufacturing has become increasingly common in the UK, particularly in the dairy industry. At Shiraz Plastic, we have taken significant steps to align with this trend. From April 2022, we introduced a new line of takeaway plastic food containers with at least 30% recycled and food-approved content. This initiative offers our customers the choice between products made from virgin materials, which are subject to the packaging tax, and those made from recycled content, which are not. 

Shiraz Plastic is committed to sustainable manufacturing, and the new UK legislation has only strengthened this resolve. Our recent project to develop takeaway plastic food containers with recycled content demonstrates our ability to adapt and innovate in the face of regulatory changes. We believe that if our clients continue to demand sustainable options, we will be well-equipped to meet these challenges, just as we did with the new plastic packaging tax law. 

At Shiraz Plastic, we understand the importance of balancing environmental responsibility with practical manufacturing processes. Our journey towards more sustainable practices is ongoing, and we remain dedicated to providing our customers with environmentally friendly options. As we adapt to new legislation and shifting consumer preferences, we continue to innovate and lead in the field of responsible plastic manufacturing. 


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